The Future Of Home Exercise Prescription.

Give your patients an unforgettable experience and make your practice stand out. No more sorting through generic inventory of exercises. Share the exact routine and personalized videos for your patient’s exercises.

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Switchback Health Founder

Meet Dave Townsend

20 Years of Experience as a Physical Therapist and Business Owner.

Dave created the Switchback App in late 2017 for his physical therapy practice and for other physical therapists across the country who were asking for a faster, more precise, and personal way to create home exercises and grow their practice through word of mouth referrals. Since earning his Master of Physical Therapy degree in 1999 he has developed a deep passion for exploring endless possibilities for his patients and his business.

Create Amazing Patient Results

The Switchback Health app makes it super easy for physical therapists to take videos of their patients doing their prescribed exercises which are instantly delivered to the patient’s smartphone, tablet and computer for easy viewing and progress tracking. It’s much faster and yields better results than searching through thousands of exercises in a computer database which you want to personalize anyway.

Engage Patients

If you want to produce exceptional results for your patients and see your word of mouth referrals skyrocket, each patient must experience the highest level of trust and engagement in the plan of care you create! Patients are more likely to adhere to their plan and execute their exercises correctly if they have a video taken of themselves during their visit with your voice guiding them. With the Switchback App it is super easy, visually appealing, and includes a progress tracker, reminders and messaging which take the experience to a whole new level.



Capture video of your patient performing the exercise during a regular appointment


Send HIPAA secure video seamlessly via the Switchback mobile app


Automatically remind your patients to do their exercises

Progress Tracking

Measure progress remotely